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Hi, I'm Ariel, a tech enthusiast and hobbyist web developer living in Florida. Welcome to my personal blog, really just collected guides and other documentation I've written for myself about various things I've learned in web development, using Linux, self-hosting, networking, etc.

Though I mostly write for myself, I figured I may as well make my writings available for others who may also need help with some of this stuff. In addition to having them online for my own access from anywhere, I hope some of it will be helpful to someone out there. If not, that's ok, it's still helpful for me to come back and reference. Either way, thanks for visiting!

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  • Dockge Type: self-hosted GUI to manage container stacks via Docker Compose, created by the person who made Uptime-Kuma.
  • Forgejo Type: self-hosted A self-hosted software forge -- really just means it's a self-hosted GitHub alternative.
  • Home Assistant Type: self-hosted Open-source home automation platform that puts local control and privacy first. Usable as a dedicated OS, a Docker container or you can purchase an appliance with it installed.